*** Please note:  If you’ve found this page from google or other search engines and would like an engagement session or wedding photos inside Wrigley Field, we encourage you to contact the Cubs Organization and coordinate it with them.  Our clients, Liz and Nevin were the ones that coordinated their session to be held inside Wrigley Field.  =D  Go Cubbies!

If you’d like us to photograph you in Wrigley Field and have gathered information from the Cubs Organization, please fill out our contact form HERE!

This is the full blog update for Liz & Nevin’s engagement session at Wrigley Field!  I called this my ‘million dollar’ shoot  because Nevin had asked if we could re-schedule their engagement session due to bad weather forecasts for the rest of the week.  As some of you know may know, I am a big fan of the Amazing Race and hope to try out for the TV show sometime in my life… they happened to be holding try-outs here in Chicago on the same day and Andy and I were going try-out until Nevin called…  As I read more details in the application, the show stated that you must be eligible for travel for about 40 days this summer (no specific dates announced).  Needless to say, with all my weddings and my commitments, that wasn’t going to happen… Maybe next year…  So I was teasing Liz & Nevin that this session cost me a million dollars… Everything worked out, had beautiful weather and got some killer shots!   So here’s to Liz & Nevin!  We’re very excited for your wedding this coming June!  Let’s go Cubbies!

We were limited to the front part of the stadium because they were watering the outfield.

Nevin’s got hops!

Go check out a game and root for our cubbies!!

Wrigley Field
1060 W Addison St
Chicago, IL 60613
(312) 645-9511

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  1. Great session guys. A perfect capture of two great things in Chicago – Love and the Cubs!

  2. The sunflare shot is my fav! Awesome images!

  3. Roxanne Alcantara says:

    OMG!! These are amazing pictures..I wanted to cry, they were so good! They did such a great job and really captured some wonderful shots!!

  4. stine navea says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Good job Michele and Andy! Liz and Nevin you guys look so sweet in these pictures. Just know you both have made MANY cubs fans very jealous. Me being one of them. Can’t wait to party at your wedding!

  5. Cheryl Rivera says:

    AWESOME pictures!!! I cannot believe you guys got to take pictures inside Wrigley Field. Thats so cool!! Can you please tell me the secret password to get in? Please!! I swear I won’t tell anyone. haha

  6. beautiful photos!! you are a rock star Michele!

  7. So awesome that you were able to go inside! hmmm I wonder if I can do this at US Cellular? =)

  8. Artie Topacio says:

    I’m now going to find a girlfriend, propose to her next month when the weather gets warmer and then hire Misha Media so I can have my engagement pics at Wrigley Field too! haha…AWESOME PICTURES! AND CONGRATS!

  9. Vergil Magsino says:

    Sweet shot!!!

  10. Roxanne Alcantara says:

    This is such an awesome picture!!! Liz and Nevin you look so adorable. Best idea to take pics at Wrigley I cannot wait to see the rest of them :)

  11. Liz and Nevin says:

    This picture is SICK!!! We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks for such a great experience. You guys are million dollar winners in our eyes. :)

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