Woo hoo!  We are so honored to be recognized amongst international photographers to have achieved such a prestigious award.  This past March, we attended our annual photography convention,  WPPI in Las Vegas, and for the first time, we entered two prints for the 16×20 Print Competition.  It’s so great to be recognized for something that you love to do!  It’s kinda like getting on the honor roll or the dean’s list, if you will.

To our 2010 Clients: Fasten your seat belts because it’s going to be a wild and fun ride ahead of us!  Thank you for choosing Misha Media to capture your day!

Our “Layers of Love” print received the award.  A special thanks to Mark & Fremy for the opportunity!

The second print we entered was “Windy City Bride”.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the award for this particular print.  We missed the award by one point due to technical errors… Lesson learned : Plan ahead!  A special thank you goes out to Majka & Ziggy!

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  1. Congratulations! Love both photos. Hehe… I remember you telling me about the technical difficulty. I understand now how the title of the print fit the situation =)

  2. Thank you all for the blog love! :) We have been asked by many what the “technical error” was… and basically we got knocked for mounting… Like I said on the blog, next time, plan ahead! We printed, mounted, packaged, and entered the contest within 24 hours, and of course, the day before it was due… lesson learned!

  3. Philip Hawkins says:

    Such a shame you just missed out with the Windy city bride image…its stunning!

  4. Jon Holmblad says:

    Congrats guys! You guys are incredible, I’m sure there are plenty more awards in your future to be had.

  5. Myrna V. Gonzales says:

    Love and congratulations from your number one fan!!!!
    Am very proud of you pursuing your passion… great teamwork
    Chel and Andy.

  6. “Windy City Bride” is such a rockin’ photograph. Great job guys – rock on!

  7. Michelle & Andy: Congratulation on the award! I saw the print personally, and it is a beautiful image! I think it helped that you shot that image in BEAUTIFUL Southern California in Santa Monica.=P You produce such gorgeous work! Congratulations again and may you win more awards!

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