Congratulations!!! With so much to do, and only so little time, you may be wondering what to do next…

Start your wedding planning off right!  We have come up with a list of some of the things you should knock off your list ;)

Hand Check

That’s right :)  Before you go around showing off your ring, make sure your hands are nice and moisturized and your nails are not chipped or cracked.  It can take away from those “I SAID YES”  photos you are about to throw on Social.  Clean up the chips and cracks or better yet go pamper yourself and get your nails done… you deserve it :)

Slow Down

Pump the brakes for second!  You’ve just committed to one another for the rest of your lives, make sure to tell all your closest family and your best friends, there is nothing worse than your BFF finding out this life changing event on social media.  Take the time to call them personally and tell them the great news :)


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Show Off the Bling

You said “YES” now it’s time to show it off! :)  Find some nice soft light, make that ring sparkle and spread the news with your Snaps, Stories and change that relationship status :)

Back to the Jeweler

You love the ring and you will never take it off ever ever again.  But if it doesn’t fit, back to the jeweler you must go and get your ring resized for that perfect fit.  We had a couple who lost their ring less than a week after getting engaged because it was too loose, she ended up finding it but not without a little frustration and tears…. which leads us to….

Get your engagement ring insured

Of course you’re going to be careful and never take it off but things happen and you need to plan for those what ifs.  The first thing we did was call our homeowner insurance and add a “rider” for personal property coverage.  We provided our receipt and a photo of the engagement ring and just like that it was insured.  There are also independent insurance companies and some jewelers will offer insurance as well.

It’s about to get crazy

With all the wedding planning and decisions you are about to make it is going to get crazy.  You are planning one of the biggest parties in your life after all.  Take some quality and spend it with each other and thank each other for being so supportive, loving and caring.  This is about you two, it may feel like you are going 1000 miles an hour but always remember to take time out for each other, your partner could get lost in all the hustle and bustle.

Soak it all in :)  There is nothing better than this moment right here.  The choosing of locations, bridal party, guest list and bridal magazines can wait… but don’t put off too long LOL!  Dream a little, think of the perfect day that is truly yours and plan together :)

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