alexis & josh’s surprise wedding

Alexis & Josh couldn’t have pulled off a more perfect surprise wedding!  Here’s their story…  It was supposed to be a “couple’s shower” celebration in their home.  We supposedly had photographed their engagement session right before their couple’s shower.  This explained how dolled up Alexis was with her hair and make up.  Nobody questioned it.  They had told everyone that we were to finish off their ‘session’ in their home.  About an hour into their party, there was a singer/guitarist who came in and started singing.  At this time, Alexis and Josh had quietly slipped away into their bedroom and quickly changed to their wedding attire.   After hearing him sing Bruno Mar’s “Marry You,” this was their cue that their ceremony was about to begin.  With the help of several people that knew, including their parents and one friend (who was their officiant), their surprise wedding was perfect!

Alexis & Josh, thank you so much for trusting us in your day.  You both are truly blessed to have such love and support by your friends and family.  Best wishes and Congratulations!

xoxo Michele & Andy

assisted by Erwin

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