lisa & rinaldo : engaged!

Misha Media is excited to introduce our new concept photo sessions!  This is where we photograph you and your significant other doing something that you love to do together!  It can be anything, anywhere, anytime… we’ll be there.  The beauty about this session is that it’s all about you!  When you look at these images 10 to 20 years from now, it’ll mean a whole lot more!  This is a Misha Media exclusive.  We want to tell your story through our eyes with the help of our cameras.  So what do you and your significant other enjoy doing?!  Contact us!

Towards the end of last season, we had the opportunity to photograph Lisa & Rinaldo… Do you remember Maria & John?  Maria & Lisa are twin sisters!  There’s a certain bond between twin sisters and it’s very apparent between these two.  I love being able to witness this, especially having a sister of my own… there’s really nothing that compares… Lisa & Rinaldo will be getting married in Italy in August later this year and they have given us the opportunity to document and capture their celebration.  I’m not going to lie, we are super excited!  We’ve never been to Europe before and we are really looking forward to it!  Their families have welcomed us like family!

Rinaldo LOVES to make home-made brick oven pizzas.  Yes, they have their own brick oven! :)  We’ve never had home made Italian brick oven pizza before and aside from being excited to shoot it, we were excited to taste it.  If you’ve never had this kind of pizza before, you are missing out!  We kept telling Rinaldo that he should seriously think about starting his own restaurant!  Lisa & Rinaldo are pretty reserved, but when they started making their pizzas, their aura and energy between each other changed… There’s that certain smile and look that they exchanged between each other and it was the sweetest thing!  You can really tell that Rinaldo was very proud of making these pizzas with the help of Lisa by his side… Can we do a re-shoot!?  Haha … just kidding.. it was Yummmmmmmmy!

Lisa & Rinaldo will be getting married later this year in Italy!  They have commissioned us for their wedding day as well and we are very excited to go to Italy and really experience the Italian way of life :)


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