It’s no surprise that you will want to look wonderful in your photos! Especially when it comes to your engagement photos. From expressing the love that you share for one another to displaying your pure intimacy and affection, you will certainly want your engagement photos to represent the right appeal.

However, are you aware of some great poses that can create your engagement photos to stand out from the rest?

Here at Misha Media Photography, we believe that every photo captured should be absolutely beautiful! That’s why we have gathered some great poses to inspire your engagement photos. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Kissing. You and your partner are engaged to be married! So, of course you are in love. And, what better way to display the love that you share together than by kissing? From an adorable kiss on the forehead to full-on lips locked, you can spread the love you share together throughout your engagement photos! It will certainly add a romantic appeal, perfect for the occasion.

  • Embrace each other. Being together is something that you and your partner greatly enjoy. Your intimate bond deserves to be represented, don’t you agree? Embrace one another! You and your partner can hug, hold each other, or even get a little playful and have your partner lift you up and twirl you in the air. The warmth you share as a couple will certainly shine through within your photos.

  • Intimate gazes. They say that love is expressed throughout our eyes, so why not gaze into each other’s for romantic photos? Staring into the eyes of your partner will present such intimate images, and display just the right intimate appeal for your engagement.

Each photo of your engagement deserves to represent the love that you and your partner share together. Here at Misha Media Photography, we are so grateful for the opportunity to capture your milestones through photography. If you are still in need of a Chicago, Illinois photographer, be sure to contact us today.

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