peggy notebaert engagement photos | monica & david


Monica and David are classic examples of opposites attracted to each other… In high school, he liked to party and she was a bookworm… They were in different cliques and never really talked to each other until one fateful New Year’s Eve party with mutual friends.  Sparks flew that evening and the rest was history!  Ever since then, they haven’t been apart.  Being complete opposites and falling in love is obviously not a new concept.  Whether it’s their personalities, hobbies, or the past that’s different from each other, there’s always that special bond that holds them both together.  One thing for sure is that their love for each other truly shines! Congratulations on your engagement Monica & David! We’ll see you guys in a little less than 2 months!

xoxo Michele & Andy

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A special shout out and thank you to Mr. R for coming along with us for this engagement session!

Fun Fact: Andy and I are complete opposites too!  But he’s perfect for me in every way!

What’s New? So are you tired of me talking about our Chicago Bulls yet?!  I hope not… =P  Beat the Heat!  Aside from the Bulls, we are super excited about our upcoming season!  I know we’ve photographed a couple weddings in ’11 already and technically our season has started, but let’s just say this is the “calm before the storm”.  Our next wedding is on June 4th and after that, we’ll keep going and going and going until the Fall!  So in the mean time, please enjoy some engagement sessions coming up on our blog.  Soon enough, it will get flooded with weddings galore!  Happy Bulls game night!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!  =D


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