Spring Minis by Mindy :: Wilmette, May 18, 2024

What Exactly Is a Mini Photo Session?
Unlike the traditional hour-long (or longer) photo sessions, mini sessions are brief, focused, and designed for efficiency. They’re perfect for those who might be pressed for time or simply want a quick refresh for their family photos, high school senior, other milestone graduates, and even headshots!

Perfect For…

Families: Capture the growth of your family without the fuss of a lengthy photoshoot. It’s especially great for families with younger kids who might find it challenging to stay engaged for extended periods.

Graduates: High school, College, 8th grade, or even Kindergarten! Capture those special milestone with the gift of photography!

Professionals: Need to update that LinkedIn photo? Mini sessions are perfect!

Pets: Our furry friends sometimes have short attention spans. A mini session can capture their essence perfectly.

emailme@mishamedia.com and let us know exactly what you need!

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