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Welcome to Misha's Photo Scanning Legacy

Are you sitting on a treasure trove of old family photos, filled with cherished memories? We’re here to tell you that every faded, dusty print holds a story waiting to be rediscovered. But it’s not just about nostalgia; it’s about preserving your family’s legacy for generations to come.

Behind the Scans

Our photo scanning journey is guided by our daughter Misha.  She’s not just an expert scanner; she’s an amazing young adult that is overcoming all the obstacles life throws at her. Learning new skills and responsibilities is not the only thing important to her,  it’s about learning responsibility, the value of memories and preserving your family’s love, laughter, and history.

Turning Faded Memories into Vibrant Stories

We take every photo, no matter how fragile or faded, and transform it into a digital masterpiece. Our meticulous process includes scanning in various sizes, enhancing each image for color and vibrancy, and providing you with a convenient online gallery for easy access.

Safe, Accessible Memories

Imagine having all your family memories at your fingertips, accessible anytime, anywhere. With our digital gallery, you can relive your most cherished moments and share them with loved ones near and far. It’s like having a time machine that lets you revisit your family’s history whenever you wish.

Preservation with Purpose

What sets us apart is our commitment to both preserving memories and creating opportunities. When you choose our service, you’re not just investing in preserving your family’s history; you’re empowering Misha to learn life skills, the importance of work and supporting her dreams. It’s a partnership built on love, passion, and purpose.

Invest in Memories

Our pricing is not just about dollars and cents; it’s an investment in your family’s history. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs, ensuring that your memories are preserved for the future, while also helping Misha overcome her disabilities, learn the value of hard work and chase her dreams.

Simple Pricing


  • 300 DPI Scan
  • Color Correction
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Online Gallery
  • Downloadable Gallery
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  • Flash Drive +$12
  • Album Removal +$20 per album
  • Slideshow
  • Online Gallery extension
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Let's Preserve Your Legacy

Are you ready to take the first step in preserving your family’s history? Contact us today, and let’s embark on this beautiful journey together. Every photo holds a piece of your heart, and we can’t wait to help you bring those pieces back to life.


Our photos came out great, very organized and the turn around time was quick. We are so happy that we don't need to carry around our 6 tubs of photos every time we move. Thank you Misha and team, the process was seamless from beginning to end. We will tell all our family and friends. Good luck on your endeavors
Tony & Carol

Every Photo Tells a Story

In a world that moves too fast, we believe in slowing down and cherishing the moments that shaped us. Every photo tells a story, and we’re here to help you tell those stories for generations to come. Thank you for considering Misha to take care of your family’s legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you may or may not know, Misha is a Special Needs child.  We wanted to create a purpose driven work environment where she can feel safe.  As she approaches adulthood it is important for her to learn life skills and the importance of working.  By establishing this business it gives her and us the best of both worlds.  We hope to expand this one day to help her friends and families that are in the same situation.

Misha always has a hand in scanning the photos but some aspects of the process are a little challenging for Special Needs Disability kids so we (her parents Michele & Andy) help her organize, type and scan. 

Yes, with all of our services we return your photos after scanning although other customers have asked that we throw them away after we are done.  It is up to you how you want to handle it, just let us know :)

  1. You can drop off in Bloomingdale, Il or meet up or ship your photos in USPS Flat Rate boxes.
  2. We receive your photos and confirm over email that they arrived safely.
  3. Scanning will take up to 4-6 weeks. This time frame helps us by not putting a lot of pressure on Misha but also gives her a deadline.
  4. We send you a link to your photos in the Cloud. Your photos are picked up, shipped back to you or thrown away at your request.

Each photo must be sent as a loose print.  We can remove it from the albums but there is an extra charge. To avoid this charge you will need to remove the photos from the album or scrapbook before sending them in.

No, we can’t guarantee the order of your photos will be kept. Photos are often mixed around when mailing, and we split groups of photos depending on size.

If your photos are the same size and packed together they will likely stay in order.

The Details

It is important to prepare your photos before sending them to us.

  • Photos must be organized by size. Please stack of all the 4×6 photos together, then the 5×7 photos, and so on.
  • Each photo should be visible (facing up)
  • Each photo should be as flat as possible.

Please remove any:

  • ❌ Staples
    ❌ Paper clips
    ❌ Tape (front and back)
    ❌ Plastic photo covers
    ❌ Glitter
    ❌ Glue
  • Remove your photos from album pages, envelopes, and bags (unless you are creating large photo groups).

Cleaning your photos is not required, but we do not clean photos before scanning.

We recommend wiping down your photos before sending them in for the best possible image quality. Any glue or glitter on your photos will appear in the scanned image. If you would like to clean your photos, please use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any cleaning solutions or water.

Grouping photos is not required, most people choose to send all their photos as one large group.

You can separate your photos into groups using ziploc bags, rubber bands, or envelopes. Write the name and date on the item and we will create different folders for each group.


Our machine can detect handwriting and will save a copy of the backs of photos when appropriate

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