Your wedding photos will be a big part of your big day!


After all, they will be how you will remember your most precious memories. Therefore, you will want all of your guests to flaunt nothing but smiles throughout them!

Take a Look at Inspiration for Your Engagement Photo Session

However, when it comes to the little ones, you may have a difficult time getting them to grin for the camera.

We believe that children showcase the most adorable smiles! That’s why, here at Misha Media, as Chicago wedding photographers, we have gathered some tips to assist you with getting the children to smile for the camera at your own wedding. If you would like to discover what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Game of Photography

    Kids love games. So, turn your wedding photography session into one! A wonderful way to get kids to pose and smile for the camera is by playing “Simon Says”. So, when “Simon Says” to stand still and smile for the camera, your little one is sure to do so, as they will certainly want to win the game!

  • A Reward

    When children behave as they should, they are likely to get rewarded. You can utilize this aspect on your wedding day as well. So, let your child know that if they act as they should when having their photos captured, they will receive a reward after, whether it be a new toy, candy, or a trip to the ice cream shop!

  • Grasp their Attention

    Children are little balls of energy. Therefore, they become easily bored, and quickly lose focus when taking part in activities. So, when capturing their photos on your wedding day, keep their attention by presenting them with items to utilize. Whether it be their ring bearer pillow, or flower girl basket, you can have them hold onto items as a way to keep their focus.

Capturing lovely pictures of the little ones on your big day is certainly of importance! These are just a few tips to assist you with getting the children to smile for your own wedding photos.

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If you are all set to have your own images captured by a wedding photographer in Chicago, Illinois, please contact us here at Misha Media! With a passion for presenting couples with one of a kind photos, we would be pleased with the opportunity to do the same for you.

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