In order to get into shape and stay fit, imagine you signed up for a fun exercise class. You have all new workout clothes, a new gym bag, and a handy water bottle to keep you hydrated. On the first day of class, you walk in and meet your fellow workout peers. Your new teacher walks through the door and stands there. You are waiting for them to tell you what exercise to begin and how to do it. Instead, they just tell you to start. You are now at a loss for what to do, as it is their job to teach you.

When meeting with your photographer, you likely don’t expect to jump in front of the camera and deliver perfect poses and appealing angles from the start. Your photographer will guide you through your photo session. They know what angles and poses work and are more than happy to help.

Here at Misha Media, we know that a good photographer will help you navigate the photo shoot. That’s why we have put together a few details as to why it is your photographer’s job to guide you through your photo session. If you are nervous to be put in front of the camera, be sure keep reading to learn more about being at ease:

  • The organic moments. You can try every day to plan the perfect moment, perfect event, or say the perfect words. But, when it comes down to it, the perfect moments happen organically. This is true for any occasion. Your face will show the true emotions of the day and your reactions will be real. Genuine moments are not planned, so be yourself and let the beauty reflect through your photos.
  • Being unique. There is enough photography inspiration online to overload you. From Pinterest to Instagram, you will not be met with a shortage of inspiration. One important thing to remember is that these photos may be more appealing because they are unique and you haven’t seen them before. Your photographer will coach you for completely unique photos, thus leaving you with a gorgeous collection of photos that personally represents you as a couple.
  • Skilled professional. Surely you searched tirelessly for the perfect photographer. One who will provide you with stunning photos and works well with you and your loved ones. Your photographer is a professional and very skilled. Keep in mind that they are up to the task, and you hired them for a reason. So, as you conduct you photo session, know that their expertise will guide you through every step along the way.

You are not on your own when you are put in front of the camera. Your photographer knows the ins and outs of photography and will help guide you through your own photo shoot. After all, it’s their job. Here at Misha Media, we offer a quality photography experience. If you are in need of creative, unique Chicago photographer, be sure to contact us today.

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