fashion shoot in vegas

During our WPPI convention a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to shoot along side 8 very talented photographers from all over the world.  AC and Raphael of Vanity Bride had set up the shoot with fashion designer Ermelinda Manos.  I was blown away with all the enthusiasm from the group.  I have never photographed a fashion shoot before, so it was all new to me!

Andy and I were blessed to have met such great photographer friends.  Aside from being great photographers, they are great people! Good times with lots of laughter!  We look forward to a life long friendship with them!   Aside from the wealth of knowledge you gain from WPPI and it’s seminars, it’s also a great time for building relationships with friends who have the same passion as you!  Check out their work!  AC Cubos & Raphael Maglonzo of Vanity Bride, Ben Young 3, Cesar Palima of Artpix Portrait Studio, Ruben of Pintor de Luz, Joel Llacar, Alex of Pixels by Alex,  and Geoff Sam.

A special thank you to Ermelinda Manos for allowing us to photograph her designs and also to our models who really rocked it out!


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