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I wanted to take a break from our clients’ photos on our blog to share with you some personal photos of mine.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your families!  On Good Friday, Misha and I colored some Easter eggs!  I wasn’t too sure how successful it was going to be seeing it was her first time doing it, but with a little help, and only a couple of eggs cracking, she did pretty well!

Photograph your love ones, especially if you have little ones because they’re only going to be this small for a short time.  Misha is turning 5 in about a month and I can’t believe how time flies!  She puts a smile on my face everyday and I can’t imagine life without her.  I love you my little Misha!



She placed the stickers of the eyes and mouths on half of the eggs…



After each egg, she kept saying “Woooow!”  =D

I also wanted to make it “blog official” and say Happy Anniversary to my husband, Andy!  It’s our “dating” anniversary today and this is what happens when you’ve been ‘dating’ for awhile… below is our conversation from this morning…

Me: “Do you know what today is?!”

Andy: [after about 5 seconds…] “It’s our anniversary!  Happy Anniversary!”

Me:  “Ok, how many years have we been together?”

Andy: [after about another 5 seconds…] “13 years!”

Me: [sad face]

Andy: “I meant 13 years minus…. 1 year!”

Me: [even sadder face]

Andy: “I meant 13 years minus…… 2 years??”

Me: [sad face – or what I thought was a sad face but trying not to smile at the same time]

Andy: “Ummm 13 years… plus? … 1 year??!!”

Me: “Yesss!” [with the biggest smile on my face]

Happy 13 + 1 years of being my boyfriend and best friend!  I love you honey!  And a thank you to my sister, Kristine, who kindly reminded me that it was our anniversary today…LOL…  See what happens?!  =D

Here a couple more photos from Easter Sunday.  From my family to yours, Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Ya hear that Mr. Weather Bug?  Please bring Spring!






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