Choosing a season for your wedding that is important to you is something most brides don’t consider at first.  You might love the summer but you will hate walking around downtown Chicago in the hot and humid weather.  Choosing a winter season presents its own sets of challenges.

When we were deciding on our own wedding we knew we didn’t want to get married in winter although we considered February due our birthdays.  Good thing we didn’t because that February was one of the coldest with blizzard conditions!!!

We wanted warm weather but due to dates being blocked out we were lucky to get July 4th , you can read about the frustrations we had choosing our wedding date here.

It was one of the hottest and muggiest days I could remember but also the best evaaaaaaa :)

We’ve put together some things to consider when choosing a season to get married in Chicago and the Midwest.

Spring:  Depending on how the winter treats us, Spring is a sweet time to get married when everything is in bloom and the grass is lush and green.  Sometimes old man winter likes to stay a little too long, like that Easter when it was snowing :(  May is a safer bet to get cool comfortable weather and pretty colors.


Summer:  The sun is shining, the weather is nice and warm but make sure to check weather patterns and almanacs.  Summer can be the most beautiful time to get married and is awesome for photos but if its humid and muggy you might not be able to stay outside too long.

Fall:  Typically the most popular time of the year to get married is between Sept-Oct.  Summer is ending and it is still warm and the air is cool and crisp and comfortable.  The leaves are changing and those fall colors show up great in photos.

Winter:  Maybe you love the winter and the calmness of falling snow.  You can definitely get great photographs even in the worst conditions.  Make sure to plan properly with fur shawls and leg warmers.

Hope you enjoyed these tips that we have gathered from shooting in all kinds of weather over the years.  Don’t forget, no matter how good you plan, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate so have a contingency plan :)

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