tara & leujay

So who would have thought that meeting your future wife/husband would happen working at a local car wash?  I bet you they didn’t… it’s called fate… Them meeting at the car wash was so unique that even their priest made his sermon about their fateful job =D!   They met when they were teenagers and have been together ever since!  Congratulations to Tara & Leujay!

Tara & Leujay, you’re both probably basking in the sun on the beach in St. Lucia as you read this, and we’d like to send out big hugs!

Beautiful Tara

Handsome Leujay

Love this!  Tara’s dad’s reaction after seeing her for the first time…

They wed at the beautiful St. Michael’s in Wheaton, IL

Little “C” did such a great job as ring bearer!

the signing of their marriage certificate…

Ready, Set, Goooooo!

Oh and it’s a photo finish!!!

Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your day!  Andy and I had a blast! :)

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to Amanda for assisting us that day!


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