Liezl grew up surrounded in a large typical loud and fun-loving Filipino family. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and had loved every minute of it. During her junior year, she was awarded the Department of Education Fulbright Hays Scholarship and studied abroad in the Philippines at De La Salle University in Manila. Liezl regards this as one of her life changing experiences that helped her learn and understand Filipino culture and values at a deeper level while meeting some of the life-long friends during her time abroad.

She joined the Corporate world in 2005 and have moved throughout various HR positions and am now currently an HR Manager at the Corporate headquarters. While randomly being asked by a leadership team member if she could help recruit teachers, she stumbled upon Saturday Place in 2010 and has been a volunteer ever since helping jump start the charity. Inspired by giving back, Liezl decided to go back to school to get her MBA.

She started the University of Chicago’s MBA program in 2012 and is excited for graduation in June of 2014 with a concentration in leadership and organizational development, HR management and entrepreneurship. Post-MBA, Liezl is still figuring out what she wants to do but she has always believed that “you will never miss out on what is meant for you, even if it has to come to you in a roundabout way.” Liezl believes her purpose in life is to help others and lives by the following statement: Lifelong commitment to educational programs and initiatives that better serve the local community and world at large.



Meet Liezl

Liezl is in her 30’s and believe that the best is still yet to come!  She is driven, and self-proclaimed “crazy” :) She feels truly blessed to have such an awesome support system with her family and friends.

Beauty Tip: Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar everyday! It is suppose to be a natural remedy and super healthy for you! I started this summer and I am addicted :). I feel more energized every day!

My fondest memory growing up: Playing and hanging out with all of my family and childhood friends every weekend. We had so much fun and we are bonded for life! Looking back, I feel extremely blessed to still be surrounded by people who love me and have cheered me on throughout many milestones in my life. Aside from that, I will always remember how awesome it felt when the Bulls won their first championship! EPIC! I fell in love with the game of basketball.

:: Be inspired :: Be confident :: Be you ::

I’ve known Liezl pretty much all her life!  I used to baby sit her when she was a toddler and we had such a special bond growing up!  I still can’t believe she’s a beautiful young woman now!  I’m so proud of all of her accomplishments and know that she’ll definitely go far with all of her aspirations!  I can’t help but see her as a little girl still sometimes…  :)

Thank you so much Liezl for sharing your story.  I hope you enjoyed the Beautiful experience!

Hair and Make Up by Crizen Hasegawa

xox “At”  also known as Michele


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