Francesca grew up in a family that has always been in the beauty industry. She immediately became inspired at a young age when she went to work with her father at his hair salon. She spent quality time with her father and started to develop a passion in the beauty industry. This is where her passion began. She wanted to make women feel beautiful, one face at a time. At the age of 15, she was the makeup artist for her first bride. From that day, her career moved forward…

Francesca’s story is about making women feel beautiful and empowered. The most amazing feeling is when her clients smile with joy on how they look. Hugs and tears of happiness are the most joyous gift she can receive because her clients feel beautiful once again. Beauty is an expression of how someone feels on the inside and looks on the outside. Francesca believes in sharing this inspiring feeling with as many women as she can.


Meet Francesca

Francesca is in her 20′s and enjoying every moment!   She is confident, creative and a perfectionist.

Beauty Tip:  Makeup should be an enhanced version of yourself.

As a makeup artist, #1 is to take care of your skin. Whatever is going on with it, treat it with love and tender care, because this is your canvas. You can enhance your features and look natural, but if your skin is lacking attention, it will show in your makeup. Moisturize if you are dry, get facials, and use masks and serums to bring out the natural glow. Take vitamins, hydrate by drinking water, and always take off your makeup. Learn to love your skin again, because it will love you right back.

Perfect Job:  a Makeup Artist!  (This is what she does currently!)

My fondest memory growing up:  Vacationing with my sisters and cousins. We were always together and we had the best of times, when we are together there are so many stories that that we share of all of our wonderful memories.

:: Be inspired :: Be confident :: Be you ::

Thank you so much Francesca for sharing your story.  I hope you enjoyed the Beautiful experience!

If you’ve had a Beautiful Session or are thinking of having one, you  might see Francesca!  I work closely with her for my Beautiful clients and also for bridal make up during wedding days!  And yes, she did her own hair and make up for her photo shoot! :)

Hair and Make Up by Francesca of Entourage Hair Salon & Spa 

xox Michele

A special thank you to Linda for styling!

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