Why I decided to do Beautiful Sessions… 


She’s a dancer.  As a young dancer, she is graceful and delicate with her dancing, but sometimes coaches look for something completely different.  Angelica embraces being different.  She embraces her gracefulness and delicacy.  Sometimes you don’t always “fit in” with what everyone else is doing, but she believes that embracing your own beauty and your own art, will stand out in the best ways possible.

For such an impressionable young girl, she’s right!  We can all learn something from Angela.  And being comfortable in our own skin is first and foremost!

She’s Angelica, and that’s her story.


Meet Angelica

Angelica is 14, turning 15 next month.  She’s outgoing, graceful, and reserved.  She loves to cook and dance!

Beauty Tip: “You look the most beautiful when you’re happy.”

Perfect Job:  Dancer

Life Lesson:  “I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone. All you can do is please yourself and that doesn’t mean buying a new dress or putting on more makeup. Its about feeling comfortable with who you are and being happy.”

Here’s what she said regarding her experience with her Beautiful Session:

  • Q. Would you recommend a Beautiful Session to your and your friends? Why or why not?
    A. Yes, it is a good way to feel good about yourself and it helps show your beauty inside and out.
  • Q. What did you enjoy most about your session?
    A. The fun makeup and  being styled by the stylist to look like perfection.

 :: Be inspired :: Be confident :: Be you ::

 Hair and Make Up by Francesca of Entourage Hair Salon & Spa 

Stylist: Linda S.

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