When Nicole had emailed me to schedule her engagement session, she had asked if Dan can bring his motorcycle and see if we can incorporate it into our shoot… She didn’t have to ask twice… This was a first for us and although we didn’t incorporate it until the end of our shoot (due to the logistics of the location etc.), I was very happy with how the images turned out.  Nicole & Dan, we thank you for a great engagement session.  We had so much fun and we can’t wait for your wedding!  (More so when Nicole showed me a sneak peek of her wedding gown on her phone! – sooo excited!).

Nicole & Dan are so sweet to each other… So romantic!

And such “young at hearts”…


Thank you for all the fun and laughter!

Michele & Andy

Check out the Buckingham Fountain at

S Columbus Dr, Chicago

(312) 742-5369

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  1. GREAT rainbow shot, guys! I’ll never get tired of seeing your work.

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