What is an Elopement Wedding?

Planning a wedding can be very blissful and exciting but ask any couple and they will surely tell you that it can also be very stressful at the same time. This is the main reason why there are some who just opt to forgo the traditional event by eloping for the ceremony. Elopement wedding has almost become a common thing these days but there are still people who are not properly informed as to what comes with this process. To help give you a good idea, here is a short breakdown of what is involved in an elopement wedding.

Elopement Has Conflicting Definitions

Technically, to elope means to run away. These days, however, it is associated directly to marriage and weddings. People use the word “elope” for describing several scenarios. Now a days, it refers to a small wedding or a small destination wedding. It can also mean, you get married without letting anyone know, conduct the ceremony with only you and your spouse after telling other people about your plans, or just hold a rather intimate affair with some close witnesses. These can all be done at a courthouse and other venues.

It is Not Only for Young Couples That Lack Support from Their Families

There are lots of reasons why a couple may choose to elope, and saving money is probably the first of them. Others may choose to go this route if it is already their third or second marriage, with both no longer caring for a traditional wedding. Some simply want their exchanging of vows to be romantic and spontaneous.

It Gives Up the Right to Register

When you prefer not to have your loved ones with you during your big day, it is just right not to expect gifts to commemorate your marriage. Although family and friends may still send a few, depending if they know about your elopement, etiquette dictates that a registry must be made for the guests attending your nuptials.

Some Planning is Still Required

Unless you will do an absolute bare minimum for the elopement, you still have to plan several things, such as your attire, venue, lodging, and travel. If you choose to hold the most basic ceremony, it is still necessary to prepare legal documents like a marriage license, birth certificate, and other documentation, which depends on the laws of your state. It is a must that you do your homework on this one.

Luxury Elopements are Getting More Popular

While a lot of people choose to elope to avoid the expense of an actual wedding, there is a new trend that many couples have started to follow which involves pretty much everything that a typical ceremony does, including the formal wear, heartfelt vows, aisle, professional photographer, picturesque decor, and others, with guests being the only exception. couples who choose this particular method usually have a budget for a conventional wedding ceremony but don’t like to deal with the usual challenges grooms and brides face from both the invited and uninvited guests.

There is still a lot of things involved in elopement wedding but there is no denying that it is getting more and more in demand for good reasons.